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Wom is Not Just for Wombats November 18, 2010

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Amazing and unusual things happen at such a rapid rate, it would be impossible to record them all. I’ve even tried to jot ideas down on scratch paper. BUT then I lose the little pieces of scratch paper.

I think the more you teach, the less you remember. I’d like to think that my head is filling up with so much knowledge…OR something.

Ever since the discovery of the “They-a-saurus”, I feel like my room has become an archeological dig for made up words.

For instance, while using the dictionary, one student exclaimed, “Look, a gorilla monster.” She happily pointed at the picture of a gilla monster.

And a personal favorite…’wom’ (as in wombat). I had written 3 journal prompts on the board and the students were to pick one and write in their journals. As the students were write, write, writing away, a hand is raised.

“Yes?” I ask.

“What does ‘wom’ mean?” The girl asks.

I looked at the board and replied, “Oh, you mean ‘whom’.”

“No, no,” The girl adamantly disputed, “That word, on the board, ‘wom’.”

“Honey, it’s ‘wom’,” I replied.

At this point, she is indignant. She gets up, walks to the board, and points to the word ‘whom’. So, I kindly tell her again what the word and she returns to her seat.

After a few minutes of writing she asks, “What is a ‘whom’?”

I told her it was a relative of the word ‘who’. She was very pleased with the answer and continued writing.