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Just an Old Fashion Top 10… September 2, 2010

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From the laptop of a veteran teacher. Here are the top 10 reasons I’m in love with my job this week:


10 Seeing my classroom transitioning into a community where they are learning and helping each other.

9 Greeting them at the door in the morning.

8 Hearing the students say “Please” and “Thank You” to me and each other.

7 Watching the “digital natives” (AKA the students) get restless when the internet was delayed and we were waiting to watch a streaming video. They gave me suggestions like “Go to and see what’s wrong with your computer”

6 Actually being ahead in my lesson plans!

5 Hugs. Like today for instance. One student hugged me in the hallway. The next thing I knew, there were three of them and we were having a group hug. TOO cute!

4 A student wishing it would rain so she could see me wear my new rain boots.

3 Having an established routine and schedule.

2 Having the kids beg me to read just one more chapter. In fact, one offered me $3 yesterday to keep reading. I told him to keep his money and if he came back today, I’d read again. He seemed satisfied with that answer.

And the number 1 reason I love my job this week:

Rewarding a student who didn’t have a good start to the school year. ┬áHe’s been doing so much better so today I wrote him a good note. I slid it in halfway into his binder while he got his backpack. I walked away and watched from the other side of the room when he found it. His huge smile…PRICELESS.