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Tatty Tales June 6, 2010

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So, I’m getting ready for church this morning and I put my hand in the pocket of my freshly dry cleaned pants. There it was…a reminder of my profession…a tattle tale. The not so carefully ripped corner of notebook paper with a note in pencil.

In my classroom, there is a shoe box covered with  Snoopy contact paper and a slot cut in the lid. This has been a wonderful invention and has saved me from a barrage of tattles over the years. Here are some memorable tattles and stories from my 3rd year of teaching.

1. My favorite tattle of all times!

Jenny came into the classroom one morning, unpacked and began writing the famous tattle. It was a very formal letter including Dear Mrs. ****. While her mother was driving her to school that morning, her mother had some difficulty with George’s mother. George was also in my class, so I guess that’s why Jenny felt I needed to know this information. The tattle tale went on to tell me that George’s mother was not obeying the traffic laws and apparently George’s mother almost side swiped Jenny’s car. I had to explain to Jenny that I could not punish George’s mother even though she wasn’t following the law.

2. The “brawl”

If you haven’t guessed that George was quite a character. He was very impulsive and said what came to his mind. At the end of one school day, I checked a stuffed tattle box and they all said the same thing…George said “brawl”. Okay? And? I had to inquire further because I was intrigued. Well, I guess George decided to talk to the other kids at lunch about his mother’s “brawl” and how the straps were showing.

3. The crayfish business

That school year, the students observed crayfish in Science class. George was very interested in the crayfish. So, one day when he went to check the crayfish, he yelled to my teaching partner, “Hey, the crayfish are mating over here!”

4. Tatty Tale

So, you may be wondering where the term “tatty” tale came from. Well, actually this story is not about George but his friend, Ricky. Ricky was from Malaysia and was still trying to master the difficult art of English. Unable to say the word tattle, he coined the term “tatty tale”.¬† I’ve called it that ever since then!

Note: All the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.