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The Entertaining Part of Grading Papers October 21, 2012

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When I became a student teacher, I was so excited to grade my first papers. Now that I’ve been teaching for 11 years, I know why she did it…because it’s an endless job. Although it’s a tiresome job, sometimes I come across a paper that makes me laugh out loud (or LOL). I decided to start taking pictures of the funny ones so that I can remember them.

Here are 3 of my absolute favorites.

#3 We were talking about water pollution. The video we watched in class briefly mentioned farm run-off could pollute the water. As the final project, they had to make a poster using words and pictures explaining what they learned about water pollution.

#2 This was a getting to know you activity at the start of school. Read where this student was born.

And #1 We were learning about becoming a president and question number 3 asks how old you have to be to become president. Look at what the student put for their reason why they think it’s 35 years old. I wonder if that includes me?


Just Abbreviating…

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In the age of technology, abbreviations are the thing to do. I want you to think the last time you read LOL. Was it less than an hour ago? Probably. 

Kids have also taken noticed of this trendy lingo. Here are some classic misused abbreviations from the past few years.



Student: I’m going to ATM for a swim meet this weekend.

Me: Really? Are you sure you are going to an ATM?

Student: Yes, ATM, the college.

Me: Oh, you mean TAM…Texas A&M. (Laughing)



Student: That’s F.I.N. to you

Me: Huh? What does that mean?

Student: You don’t know?

Me: No

Student: For your information

Me: Oh, FYI.