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Am I Hot? (as 1st published on facebook) July 9, 2010

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As I continue to record my “day in the life” moments, I still ponder whether other people really find this information interesting. Since co-workers think my book will be a best-seller, I’ve decided to try out some of my material on facebook. Thus, the birth of “Another Moment From Room 46”.

I told my husband this story and he looked at me…just looked at me. Is it just me, my profession, or does he really just don’t get it?

It’s a Monday. Enough said. I’m teaching third graders the writing process on a warm afternoon. One boy…we’ll call him Joe. Yeah, that’s it Joe. Anyway, Joe needs help with his writing. I mean REALLY needs help with his writing. It’s a persuasive piece and I cannot decipher if he’s persuading me to move West with other pioneers or stay in the East in an established city.

After a lengthy discussion about his writing and a 2nd rough draft, he comes to the table so I can edit. Meanwhile, I asked Joe to go over to the bookshelves and get a dictionary. When he returns, Joe sits across from me with his dictionary and opens it wide.

Anticipating Joe to locate the word, I watched. It was then that Joe stopped abruptly and asked, “Am I hot?”

I’m sure I had a strange look across my face. As I cocked my head and searched for an explanation, I blurted out, “What?”

Joe looked equally confused and so did the child behind him that was now watching my face with intensity. Luckily, Joe explained, “You know like hot or cold. Am I close to the word?”

I just burst out laughing and breathed a sigh of relief. Joe looked at me and replied, “Boy this is awkward. I am now embarrassed, but at the same time I find this awkwardly amusing.”

Of course since this just came out of a 3rd grader, it caused me to laugh harder. One of my favorite parts is that the whole class is laughing just because we were. Luckily it was the end of the day because I’m sure productivity was not going to recover.