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The Grandfather from Djibouti September 22, 2010

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Despite public opinion, I really can’t come up with this kind of material all on my own. It  is based on the students I teach. It’s amazing what kids will say and who they will say it to. Sometimes I wonder what they say when they get home. Hmmm…

So this story begins way back at the beginning of school. The class and I were walking outside to recess when a little girl (let’s name her Eve) began telling me about her family.

“My grandfather is from Abootie,” Eve offers to me. At first I couldn’t understand what she said so I repeated what I thought she said.

With a gasp she replied, “I didn’t say the word bootie; I said Nabootie.”

I nodded my head while my thoughts tried to process the information. Let’s see…I know of a planet named “Naboo” from Star Wars. No. Wait…isn’t there a country with a similar name.

Meanwhile, Eve continued with her story, “You know. He wears a thing [cue motion of arm wrapping around her head] around his head.

“Oh, you mean a turban?” I asked. She smiled and agreed with my answer.

Then she continued, “My father was in Mexico and his mother Rosa had him and then my dad’s dad said ‘I’m not taking care of that baby’ so my grandfather left Grandma Rosa and my dad so that’s when Rosa went out and found the guy from Djibouti and now he’s my grandfather.”

I was overwhelmed by that information and was thankful that she paused to breath. I took advantage of this pause to encourage her to go play with her friends. That’s when I went to a few other teachers and asked about the country of ‘Nabootie”. As we talked, I was sure I had heard of something like it and thought it was near Saudi Arabia. Another teacher insisted it was near India.

So, for those of you who are interested in learning about the African country of Djibouti…continue reading.

Country: Djibouti

Capital: Djibouti