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More Djibouti Stories September 22, 2010

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I honestly thought I wasn’t going to hear anymore about the Grandfather from Djibouti until earlier this week. Unfortunately there were some trash on the playground and my teaching partner and I were keeping kids away from some glass. That’s when Eve came over and asked what had happened.

After we explained that had happened, her hands began flailing around and she began yelling toward the other students, “Dude, how could this happen? We only have one earth. It’s not like we have two earths”

Two Earths

So, later in the day when she was leaving for another class I said, “Bye Dude” She looked mortified. What did I say? I was just repeating something I heard her say.

“You do know what dude means don’t you?” She announced. I was all ears.

“It’s the hair on an elephant’s butt!”

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“Where did you hear that?” I inquired.

“My grandfather,” She replied.

“Let me guess…the grandfather from Djibouti?”

“Ah huh” She replied as she left. Meanwhile, another teacher and I were looking the word up in the Websters dictionary.

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NOTES: Names are changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

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ELEPHANT: Mike Johnson