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First Day Jitters… July 7, 2010

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I know it’s crazy for a teacher to think about the first day of school at the beginning of Jluy…but I am. The “end of the year” nightmares hopefully have subsided a few nights ago and I longingly look forward to the reoccurring “beginning of the year” dream.

I’m ready to start year 10 (am I old enough to have taught that long?).  And I know THEE dream will start any night now. For 10 consecutive years the dream starts the same way. CUE WAVY SPECIALS EFFECTS AND CHIMES…

It is always the first day of school and I’m standing in a classroom full of unrecognizable faces. The students are talking…LOUDLY. I don’t have control and I can’t get them to quiet down. Do you want to know why? I’ve lost my voice. I yell and nothing comes out. ARGH!

I’m always frustrated by this dream. That’s never happened…in fact most of the time, the students are so shocked to be back at school, they don’t utter a word o the first day. If anything, I should have nightmares about losing kids. Unfortunately, I have had bad luck with misplacing students during the first few days of school.

The most memorable time happened my second year of teaching. It was the second day of school and my teaching partner and I switched classes for the first time. I barely knew my own students, so it was difficult to remember 20 more names.

It was simple though…I read a story, went over expectations, and gave a short assignment. Around three o’clock, we switched classes and I was happy to reunite with familiar faces. Only a few minutes later, my teaching partner was at my door looking for Andy. Hmmm…Andy. “Where is Andy?” I thought to myself.  “Class, have you seen Andy?”

I probably do not need to remind you that this story is about a lost student and as you can infer, we looked everywhere. Lastly, you could probably guess that we found him. He was in the restroom. You know, he had asked me a half hour ago to go to the restroom. I has hysterical and glad we found him.  Andy began crying because he didn’t know he was lost.

So, you’ve read all of this so far and you’re wondering why this story is SO memorable? I guess the memorable part came later at the parent conference when Andy’s mother explained that Andy needs reading material to go to the restroom. She suggested next time to allow him to take a book with him. Seriously?

Maybe we should have put ads on the back of the stall doors like they do in stadiums or other public restrooms. Hey, it would make money for our school and PTA. Would that qualify as reading minutes on their reading logs?I wonder how he’s coping with this problem now in high school? Poor guy.

So to sum up this long rant, when will the dreams begin and why aren’t they always about losing my voice and not about losing students?


Note: All the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.