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When It Rains It… July 9, 2010

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It was October 26th. Some of you may gasp at that date. For those of you who haven’t gasped, you will after this story! It was a typical day and I had just picked up my kids from Art. As we walk down the hall…the fire alarm began to ring. “So?” You ask. What do you mean so! It was raining…not drizzling, not sprinkling. Thunder, lightning, wind, and torrents of rain. Did I mention the cats and dogs flying past the windows? At this point, I freeze and look back at my class. Seriously?

Now other teachers are coming out into the hall and wondering if it was a real alarm. Well, this wouldn’t be much of a story if it wasn’t real.

Cue the chaos.

It might have just felt like it at the time because in hindsight we did a good job getting those kiddos out as fast as possible. The kids funneled through the doors and stopped right before the overhang of the porch. “Go!” I yelled from the middle. Other teachers were yelling frantically and the students began to walk into the rain. Each child instantly soaked and shivered as the wind blew. I sighed loudly and joined the ones that ran before me. The rain was so loud that the students could not hear me calling their numbers as I frantically tried to take roll.

They were all there…teeth chattering, crying, shivering. I worked on calming them down, huddling them together, and comforting them.


Now I must stop to note that we were outside for about 20-30 minutes. There was more teeth chattering, crying, and shivering.


Once the school was inspected; we were able to re-enter the building.  So, there I was with a classroom filled with wet kids. The chattering and crying has now turned into complaining and chatting.  I allowed them to take off their wet socks and shoes, eat their snacks, and relax as I began the long list of phone numbers.

“Hi Mrs.[or Mr.] _______. Could you please bring up a dry pair of clothes for your child. Yes, we are very wet. Yes, I am wet too. We are all safe. Okay, thank you. Bye, bye.”

Oh, wait…I forgot the best part! Did I mention cold rain? Well, that caused a few of my students to go to the restroom in their pants. So, some of us were a little wetter than others.


Just remember this story the next time others [or maybe even you] say, “Oh, you’re [just] a teacher” OR “Well, you get the summers off.”