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“Catch Up” not Mustard April 18, 2010

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This weekend has been my official “catch up” weekend.  Yard work, grading, projects, cleaning, grocery shopping…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

Here it is, the end of the weekend, and I’m finally, catching up on my BLOG.

Before I begin this memorable story I must warn you it contains bugs. So, if you are squeamish about bugs than close this web page and catch up with me another time.

A few weeks ago, I saw 3…yes, 3 different lice…YUCK! I looked through approximately 80 heads because once you find one, you just don’t know where they’ve been hop, hop, hopping. Unfortunately, I saw them hop, hop, hopping across desks.

Sorry, I know you’re itching your head right now or you are refraining from the urge. This is isn’t even the worst of it.

The worst bug story began one morning as the students were unpacking and getting ready for the day. We had just said the pledge and sat down when Cindy calls out, “There’s a cockroach.”

“Sure, whatever.” I thought in my head anticipating a tiny spider. I walk over to the desk and see absolutely nothing.

“Are you sure?” I question with doubt but continued searching everywhere for this roach.

“Yes, I’m sure. It just crawled out of Mikey’s binder,” Cindy called out. Sigh. I stood up and assured her there was nothing there…and that’s when a saw it crawl out from between the desks.

“Be brave, be brave.” I told myself or maybe it was more like, “Don’t be a wimpy girl.”

WAIT! I must stop this story! Before I continue, I must inquire about your itchy head? How are you? Oh, please you don’t have it…if I don’t, you don’t.

Back to being brave.

Luckily the kids were leaving for Specials, so another teacher and I stayed behind to conquer the roach. We had everything under control until it crawled into Cindy’s desk. You know, the messiest desk in the classroom. Sigh. With disbelief we looked at each other and I told the other teacher that there was no way I could teach in a classroom with a roach.

“Be brave. Be brave.”

There was no other option…we dumped the desk. We shook out every paper, notebook, folder, and book. Nothing.

AH HA! The other teacher finally said, “They hate light.” She turns the desk open side up to expose…DUM DUM DUM…the roach. I was brave, very brave! I bravely handed her two tissues and watched as she squished it and threw it out. Afterward we both scrub, scrub, scrubbed our skin raw at the sink.

So I thought about asking for an exterminator but then what was I thinking? Roaches out-lived the dinosaurs. Silly me.

Well, it’s time for bed because I have another exciting week ahead of me and more adventures to write. I leave you with the reassurance that you still don’t have lice and you really can stop scratching now. Good night.