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The Return of Lucas… October 27, 2010

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You’ll never believe it but the other day I had deja vu when I heard the name Lucas. I couldn’t believe it because I thought we had already established that there isn’t anyone named Lucas. And if you follow this log, you probably have already guessed that it was Jenna who called out the name.

“I thought we already went through this,” I began, “There is no Lucas.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot his name was Mucus.”

This is where you cue the groans from other students. Then I politely told her the student’s real name and she yelled out, “Ooooohhhhhh”

Don’t worry…I promise to continue working on this one.


*NOTE: All stories are true BUT all names are fake to protect the innocent.


New Dinosaur Found October 23, 2010

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This week the students have been writing. I’m trying to get then away from common words such as: said, happy, good, and stuff. I’ve been modeling how to use resources to help them find new words and spell them correctly.

As I was modeling a sample piece of writing, I asked, “Hmmm…what can I use instead of happy?”

One student excitedly answered, “Let’s use the ‘thay-a-saurus’!”

Ah, a new dinosaur to help us with synonyms and antonyms I see. After giggling, I was pretty excited that he knew to use the ‘thesaurus’. It proves that he has been listening!

The 'Thay-a-saurus' Attacks


Pride Cometh… October 19, 2010

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…before the fall!

And yes, this blog is about me…THE TEACHER! My most recent fall makes me think of clumsy mishaps since I’ve been teaching.

1st Most Memorable Fall

It was years ago, back before my knee surgery and my knee occasionally gave out on me when I was walking.  I was dutifully monitoring the classroom when my knee gave out. There was a webble and then a wobble before I fell on a student. Yes, you read that right!

Luckily I just fell in her lap and I didn’t injure her. This was only the beginning of my embarrassment because when I began apologizing…I called her by the wrong name. I was thankful that she thought it was funny and so did her mother.

2nd Most Memorable Fall

Come to think of it, I think it’s the hallway. Hmmm. You see, I moved classrooms twice before returning to my original hallway (where incident 1 happened). Anyway, I digress, back to the teacher falling. Ah yes!

It was the day before Winter Break and we had a school-wide pajama day. While we were all snug in our “jammies”, we watched “The Polar Express”. My co-teacher and I were stringing jingle bells to hand out to the kids when I got an idea.

I thought it would be really funny to prank the classroom next door. I grabbed a handful of jingle bells with the strings and snuck into the hallway. I quietly walked to their door, rang the bells, and ran back to my room. After waiting awhile, I repeated several more times. Of course, until the last time.

A kid was waiting by the door, so when I went to run my shoe got caught on the carpeting and that’s when I stumbled and bumbled about 10-15 feet. That’s when I fell belly first with my arms sprawled out in front of me like a face down snow angel. I hit with a THUD! and the bells fell silent.

That’s when I heard a girl from across the hall nonchalantly say, “She fell.”

I could hear the teacher inside ask, “Who?”

And the girl simply said my name. When I looked up, there were three teachers staring at me and one from behind that I hadn’t yet seen. It seemed like an eternal silence, but it was broken with a simple. “That’s what you get.”

And they were right, good ‘ole Karma.

The Most Recent Memorable Fall (3rd if anyone is counting)

Last week. I still insist that this one is NOT my fault. I was unlocking my classroom door to allow student inside. One pointed out that they needed the room across from me opened as well.

“You’re right” I replied and turned to walk across the hall. Little did I know that a student sat down right in the middle of the hall and I flew over him, bumbled only about 4 feet this time and landed in a heap inches from the door across the hall.

To my embarrassment, 38 students and 1 teacher witnessed all of it. The hall was silent as I lay in a heap. I wondered if anything had broken. That’s when the other teacher yelled out impulsively, “You killed her.”

Through my tangled web of brown hair that had fallen over my face, I looked at her and I began to laugh. Red-faced, I emerged from my heap and regained my composer. SIGH!




two + two =

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It’s been a while…I know. I feel like I’ve been on an endless cycle of work and sleep. At least when I’m at work, there is always something to entertain me.

Take this story for example…

One of my students, Eve, comes up with the craziest sayings. A few weeks ago, she started saying “You know what they say!” Finally, when Eve was asked, “Who are they?” She looked at us (completely beside herself) and answered with a straight face, “two + two =they”. Based on that conversation, I think 2+2 always = they.


More Djibouti Stories September 22, 2010

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I honestly thought I wasn’t going to hear anymore about the Grandfather from Djibouti until earlier this week. Unfortunately there were some trash on the playground and my teaching partner and I were keeping kids away from some glass. That’s when Eve came over and asked what had happened.

After we explained that had happened, her hands began flailing around and she began yelling toward the other students, “Dude, how could this happen? We only have one earth. It’s not like we have two earths”

Two Earths

So, later in the day when she was leaving for another class I said, “Bye Dude” She looked mortified. What did I say? I was just repeating something I heard her say.

“You do know what dude means don’t you?” She announced. I was all ears.

“It’s the hair on an elephant’s butt!”

View Image

“Where did you hear that?” I inquired.

“My grandfather,” She replied.

“Let me guess…the grandfather from Djibouti?”

“Ah huh” She replied as she left. Meanwhile, another teacher and I were looking the word up in the Websters dictionary.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

NOTES: Names are changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

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ELEPHANT: Mike Johnson


The Grandfather from Djibouti

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Despite public opinion, I really can’t come up with this kind of material all on my own. It  is based on the students I teach. It’s amazing what kids will say and who they will say it to. Sometimes I wonder what they say when they get home. Hmmm…

So this story begins way back at the beginning of school. The class and I were walking outside to recess when a little girl (let’s name her Eve) began telling me about her family.

“My grandfather is from Abootie,” Eve offers to me. At first I couldn’t understand what she said so I repeated what I thought she said.

With a gasp she replied, “I didn’t say the word bootie; I said Nabootie.”

I nodded my head while my thoughts tried to process the information. Let’s see…I know of a planet named “Naboo” from Star Wars. No. Wait…isn’t there a country with a similar name.

Meanwhile, Eve continued with her story, “You know. He wears a thing [cue motion of arm wrapping around her head] around his head.

“Oh, you mean a turban?” I asked. She smiled and agreed with my answer.

Then she continued, “My father was in Mexico and his mother Rosa had him and then my dad’s dad said ‘I’m not taking care of that baby’ so my grandfather left Grandma Rosa and my dad so that’s when Rosa went out and found the guy from Djibouti and now he’s my grandfather.”

I was overwhelmed by that information and was thankful that she paused to breath. I took advantage of this pause to encourage her to go play with her friends. That’s when I went to a few other teachers and asked about the country of ‘Nabootie”. As we talked, I was sure I had heard of something like it and thought it was near Saudi Arabia. Another teacher insisted it was near India.

So, for those of you who are interested in learning about the African country of Djibouti…continue reading.

Country: Djibouti

Capital: Djibouti


The Crazy Things Kids Say September 12, 2010

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STORY 1 – “It’s Obvious”

In Social Studies, the student and I were discussing timelines and events in our lives. I had to explain that I have had many events while they only have a few because the are only about 8 or 9 years old. Upon showing them my life map, the students wanted to know my age. Since I strategically changed ages into years around 2005, they weren’t able to figure out my age.

That’s when one student told the others that it was obvious I was in my forties. Since I have not hit this milestone yet, I was intrigued on why she thought I was in my forties. Her reply was simple. She told me it was obvious because I dye my hair. It is black, brown, and yellow.

Luckily she didn’t add white.

STORY 2 – “The Boy Named Lucas”

There was a panic last week…someone colored on Jenna’s eraser. To a 3rd grader, this is a very serious offense and should be handled with care. Since I teach two classes, the first person who came to mind was the student who sits there in the afternoon. After thinking for a minute, I had just rearranged seats for the afternoon class and I couldn’t remember who sat there.

“I know,” Jenna piped up.



“Honey, I don’t teach a Lucas,” I explained to her. I’m trying to figure out who’s name starts with a letter L. Nothing.

“Wait,” she proudly exclaims, “It’s Mucus.”

“What?” I exclaimed, “Did you just say Mucus?”

She nodded proudly. A few of the other students giggled while I had to tell her that I didn’t teach anyone named Mucus either.

Later, after some intensive investigating I could never find this kid Mucus or anyone else who may have colored on her eraser.