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Howdy There Partner October 29, 2010

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I’m happy it’s Friday. It’s been a very long week packed with craziness. This week had a little of everything including spooky ghost stories from the librarian, an NFL mascot visiting, class party, field day, and Red Ribbon week.

I think that might be the short list! Anyway, during Red Ribbon week, each day has a theme. Today was hat day. I decided to pull out the following silly “hat”.



I figured the kids would think it’s silly especially with the blonde pigtails (I’m a brunette). And thus it began. One of the first students to walk down the hall told me, “I like your white hair. Oh, and your Viking hat.”

I’m not a Viking; I’m a cowgirl! The student responds with an Ohhhhh and laughs.

Luckily, other students were able to identify that I was a cowgirl until I saw another class. A little girl was very proud of herself when she said, “I like your Viking hat.”

Hmmm….maybe it was the pigtails because I did have the them flipped up. Ok. I flipped the pigtails down and made them straight like the picture. That’s when another one of my students said, “I like your Viking hat.”

“It’s a cowgirl hat.” I replied.  OOOOooooohhhhh.

Toward the end of the day, I grabbed my camera to take pictures at the school-wide assembly. After I put the strap around my neck;  one student said, “Mrs. ****, Vikings didn’t have cameras back then.”



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