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Not a Super Bowl Sized Malfunction May 26, 2010

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Due to resent events, I thought I’d reminisce about a few crazy wardrobe malfunctions. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter! This is not the Super Bowl nor is Janet Jackson going to pop out of this blog. Do I have to remind you that these stories are about kids in an Elementary School? Seriously.

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The first malfunction occurred my first year teaching (you know 22 and fresh out of college ready to take the world).  It was a regular day and while I was teaching, Jackie raised her hand to go to the restroom. I gave her permission and out the door she fled. After a while,  I looked at the clock. I thought, “Hmmm…she’s been gone for quit some time.”  So I stood outside my room and peered down the hallway. That’s where I saw Jackie…crying. “My pants are stuck and I really have to go” She hysterically told me.

ENTER THE COLLEGE PROFESSOR’S VOICE: “Do not touch the children.”

ENTER COLLEGE PROFESSOR NUMBER TWO: “Do not be in a place with a student alone.”

What do I do? UGH!

Meanwhile, Jackie is crying more and I’m panicking. So, I go to my mentor teacher and asked, “Now what?” Honestly, I was glad that she was equally perplexed about the situation. Since there was no other option, we had to get the button out of the teeny tiny slot in her jeans. I believe we told her to suck it in and we worked together to get her unbuttoned. Luckily, she made it into the bathroom and everything was fine until she came back out asking, “Can you help me button them again?”

SIGH. While we maneuvered the button back through the teeny tiny slot, I told her to never wear those jeans again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This leads me to today’s wardrobe malfunction. Sweet, sweet Jason came into the room and I noticed his zipper was down. I knew he would be very embarrassed if the other kids saw, so I asked him to come over. Jason’s very shy and he was standing quit a distance from me so I had to coax him closer. Finally, I whispered, “Honey, your zipper is down. Go ahead back to the restroom.” He nodded at me. At that moment, I was pleased that I alleviated a scene until he walked away. That’s when he abruptly stopped, looked down, loudly gasped, and walked quickly out of the room. So much for subtlety.

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Note: All the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.


This is Awkward! May 11, 2010

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Computers…ARGH! Sometimes they can be so frustrating! Last week, my teaching partner had something wrong with one of her classroom computers. She asked me if I could watch her class while she tracked down Mr. I-T (not “it” people, I.T. like the guy who fixes computers).

SURE! I agreed as she walked out of the room. I walked over to the computer and was checking computer cords.  Growing up with an I-T father, you tend to look for obvious problems first.

For Example:

1. Is your computer plugged in?

2. Is your computer on?

3. Yes? Well, how about the monitor?

As I checked the computer, I scanned the room. After all, I was suppose to be watching the students.  They were dilegently completing their assignments so I decided to climb up onto the table. I gently slid the keyboard out of the way and rested both of my knees on the table. STOP…another scan of the room. Perfect, they were still working.

I then lowered the monitor so I could easily bend over the computer to see the back. Don’t you know my teaching partner walks back in the room and there I am on all fours bent over her computer. All I could do is look up and smile. Better yet, Mr. I-T came in after her and he looked horrified. Unfortunately, this caused a commotion when all the students turned around to find me on the computer table.

That was followed by Mr. I-T asking what I was doing. I thought it was obvious but I answered, “I was helping!” That’s when D.J. called out, “WOW! You’re in an awkward position!”Amid the roars of laughter, I climbed down and weakly smiled as Mr. I-T went to work on the computer. That’s right, on the computer without getting on the table. Don’t you know he fixed it. I’m sure that there was something I did to help in his success. Right?

*NOTE: All stories are true BUT all names are fake to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).